Monday, January 08, 2007

New Blog

i have moved and joined Slave lucy's blog. Sir wishes us both to post on the same blog.

i hope you all come and visit me there!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


i am here to tell you all that Cloud has released me. i am not sure where my journey will go now but i am not giving up. Sir Michael has offered to take me on but i am not sure that is what i want. i never intended for Him to be my fulltime Dom. Now i have lots to think about. i am not sure how often i will be around but i will continue to read my blogroll as always.
Thanks to all who have supported me! i have found much comfort here. i wish everyone the best and happiness along their journey!

All my love,

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Friday night was a whirlwind of emotions for me. i was given my first punishment, by a hand other than my own, that i have had in a long time. i was scared and my knees were shaking when Sir Michael called me forward. He questioned a few tasks i had been instructed to do. i was expecting for a chance to address why i hadn't completed them but Sir Michael says there are no excuses. He ordered me to assume the punishment position and hold it, while Sir choose the implement of choice....a giant wooden paddle. i received 30 hard smacks and then was told to hold the position without noise or movement. All i wanted to do was wipe the tears from my eyes but i knew i couldn't. i had to sit there covered in tears and spit, ass flaming hot and just wait.....wait for Sir Michael to let me move.

It is also strange for me to accept punishment without being bound. it is a really hard mental fuck for me. i could easily walk out of that position and refuse punishment. (yeah right...but potentially i could) i could easily move out Sir's way but if i did i know the punishment would get worse.

As i watched Sir Michael give lucy her punishment demerits i thought to myself, " wow, i wish i could take hers for her." i felt horrible having to watch my good friend endure her punishment and while probably deserved it was difficult. When finished Sir Michael looked at us both and told us we would start taking eachothers demerits not our own. We will still create our own list of demerits throughout the week but we would endure the others total. Sir felt this would help us be more conscious of our actions and help eachother remember ALL the rules. i actually agree but i am nervous because i am new to this house and i don't want lucy to endure extra for my faults. i guess i will have to be on my best behavior.

After the punishments Sir Michael decided i had enough and so we all spent more time talking. It is amazing how much one spanking can open you up.....well my doors were open. It was a necessary talk for all of us to have so Sir is better equipped to handle my emotions....and there are many.

One thing i will say is that i called Sir Michael Cloud once. i have dreamed of being in a session and saying that name. i have fantasize about it lots and when i was there is just came out. Sir Michael laughed and understood but added one stroke for each time i did it. i really wished it was Cloud, but Sir Michael told me that Cloud planned this whole thing and that He was there with me. That made me feel amazing.

i got to indulge in a lot of service there on Friday. i love serving and being in that submissive mind set. It makes me feel so much at home. i LOVED Friday. i feel like a new woman. Granted my bottom is still a little sore, but it is a nice change of scenery.

Sir Michael gave me a few rules.
1) i must call Him Sir not Master. This is because i am still in training and it will help distinguish between lucy and myself. Sir says we sound a like and when He can't see us He has a hard time telling who is who...this will help with that.

2) lucy and i are to shave eachother twice weekly...more if needed to maintain smooth vaginal area. This is to train us to take over shaving for Sir Michael. He figured we could train our steady hand on eachother.

3) Sir Michael feels my breasts are not strong enough or tough enough yet, so each m/w/f before class lucy is to bind my breasts and i am to wear them for the duration of classes. On Fridays i will have to wait for Sir to remove them for me. Oh yeah, Every Friday night i will be with Sir and lucy....not all night but for part of it.

4) i must maintain all exercises and tasks set forth by Cloud. Under no circumstance should i let Sirs task come before Cloud's. If my routines slip i will be punished.

5) no masturbation!!!

lucy explained to me that Sir Michael likes His subs in a constant state of sexual desire. He LOVES to tease her and tease her and tease her. He told us we would take turns being allowed to of you per month...followed by a very sadistic laugh. Hmmmm...makes me wonder.

All in all this was an amazing night and one i hope to have again and again!! Thank you Cloud for setting this up for me. This is an amazing addition to an already amazing journey.

Until next time.........